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SOUTH COAST DENTAL CENTER serves Santa Ana, California with full service general, cosmetic, and implant dentist services in a comfortable environment. We utilize digital imaging technology to ensure that our work is exact and safe with all aspects of dentistry, including surgical emergency procedures.

Digital Imaging Technology

Digital imaging reduces radiation exposure to the patient and offers quick, convenient image acquisition, viewing and storage, and eliminates darkroom processing, which may lead to film-based errors.

Technology supporting digital dental radiology began in France in 1984. An article describing direct digital imaging technology was first published in United States dental literature in 1989. Since then, digital imaging technology has evolved with improvements in sensor design, computer software, hardware

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Metal-Free Crowns

If you're allergic to metals or don't like the look of metal in your mouth, ask us about ceramic restorations. This alternative looks natural and beautiful.

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White Dental Fillings

The dental fillings bond to the tooth to support its structure, which helps to prevent breakage and insulates it from excessive temperature changes.

Reduce stress to your teeth with composite dental fillings. Unlike other fillings, composites do not contract or expand on your teeth with change in temperatures.

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Dental Root Canal

Dental root canal: Remove Diseased Pulp Right Now

We, at South Coast Dental Clinic, have been performing root canal for such a long time. We know ways to remove infected tissue and decayed portion of oral cavity through root canaling. While nerves and blood vessels inside tooth are important, still your tooth can perform well even after removing these parts. This procedure is a substituted work on behalf of tooth extraction, which otherwise leave a space once the teeth are removed.

  • Our service helps in eliminating decay or disease from entire oral cavity
  • Furthermore, through root canal practices you can easily prevent future infections
  • If you really don’t want to remove a tooth and create a void, then our root canal services are the ones to watch out for
  • We use Fotona laser equipment as part of the disinfection process to increase root canal success
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The procedure we follow:

Also known as endodontic therapy, our root canal procedure is fairly common. The experience remains more or less similar to having cavity filled.

  • During this procedure, our dentist first removes diseased pulp from the tooth and rinse the area. It is the most time consuming part of the entire procedure.
  • We will take extreme care while cleaning the area as our main aim is to clean the bacteria and infection.
  • After that, the space is filled up with biocompatible and non-reactive material, topped up with temporary filling.
  • After few weeks, our dentist will remove your filling, check once again for any sign of bacteria and applies permanent crown, only if needed.

We make sure that our dental root canal treatment is of top-class and at par with the international standard. So, next time you are planning to get you root canal done, get in line with us right away!

Dental Crown and Bridge

Presenting All-New Dental Crown And Bridge

Dental crowns , generally, is termed as tooth shaped cap, placed right over chipped or cracked tooth to restore the size, shape and functionality. Crowns are primarily bonded to tooth with help of dental cement. Unless you have trained cosmetic dentist to get help from, avoid using dental crowns or bridges by yourself. Our team from South Coast Dental Clinic is happy to help you with the bridges and crowns for your teeth. We will first measure the broken area, check on your usability and then create the perfect Dental Bridges Santa Ana to go on top of your broken tooth.

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Use of dental crowns:

We know various reasons behind the growing demand of dental crowns nowadays. You can give us a call for natural looking crowns, making it hard to differentiate the fake ones from original teeth. The crowns are widely used among patients:

  • For protecting broken tooth and covering severe cases of discoloration
  • For covering implants and holding dental bridge in its place
  • To cover worn out teeth and also when not much of natural tooth structure is left

When we suggest crowns:

Whenever a tooth is compromised by damage or decay, we would suggest you to go for Dental Crown Santa Ana. We work on this restoration with fine dental porcelain. It helps in seamlessly matching with your natural teeth. Our crowns help in returning strength you need for that comfortable oral function. Our crowns will definitely help you to maintain that all-white smile.

You can contact us to design, fit and even place crowns in couple of short appointments. After fitting a crown, you can take care of the item just like your natural teeth. Just be sure to visit us every six months for preventive exam and professional cleaning. For details on appointments, just give us a call!

Dental and Denture Implants

Dental And Denture Implants: Permanent Placement Using Latest Technologies

South Coast Dental Center has been creating smiles with confidence for the past couple of years now. With a team of well-trained and experienced dentists to serve you right, you don’t have to bother looking anywhere else for dental implants Santa Ana. Patients willing to procure a full set of non-removable dentures can now hire us for the service. Just book an appointment with our expert dentist, and your service will be covered for good!

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We follow the best procedure:

We are here to utilize the innovative technique to attach dentures to permanent implants for secure and a rather confident fit. You can either remove the dentures or get them fixed, which solely depend on the patient’s requirements.

Most of these prosthetics involve placement of vital dental implants than removable dentures. Sometimes, it may take various months to place implants and then prepare mouth for fixed dentures. We have a talented medical team, which will begin the journey by placing some biocompatible forms of titanium screws into jawbone to form that strong denture foundation. After securing the implants, the dentures will be screwed permanently for snug fit.

For any kind of consultation based on denture implants near me, you can easily consult with out dental team right away! We will help you to choose the best medical option available.

Gum Disease

We Use Promising Laser Technology For Treating Gum Disease

With the advancement of modern technology, lasers have been widely used for treating periodontal diseases. Some studies have compared laser to some other specified treatment options, like root planning and scaling. But, when it is about gum diseases in question, laser surgery has been the best option you could have possibly asked for. With South Coast Dental Center by your side, you need not have to look any further for laser surgery for gum disease. We have taken complete care in this section and have used modern technology, to treat gum related issues from the core.

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How lasers work in the field of dentistry:

Lasers work well by delivering energy in light form. When used in dental procedures, our laser acts as cutting instrument or vaporizer of tissue. Other than using laser in teeth whitening section, we use its power for treating gums. So, next time you are looking for laser treatment for periodontal gum disease, be sure to give us a call. We will be happy to guide you through the entire procedure of laser treatment, just to enhance oral health.

A bit expensive:

Our laser treatment for covering gum related issues is a bit expensive but it is worth the investment. Once we are done with the laser treatment, you won’ face any issue with your periodontal or gum related cavities. We always follow FDA approved methodology as we believe in patient’s safety above everything.

  • Our lasers are widely used to reshape gums during the root canal procedures.
  • You can further contact us for laser treatment, to remove bacteria from gums and avoid swollen structure.
  • If gum starts oozing out blood, it means it has been infected by bacteria. Removing it from the core is important. To make this task a lot easier, our laser treatment if your ultimate choice.

Porcelain Teeth Veneers

Porcelain Teeth Veneers

When compared to direct or indirect composite resin, porcelain teeth veneers are a bit expensive. The traditional porcelain veneers are the ones to watch out for, if you want them to last for 10 to 15 years. Other than that, composite veneers are also available, but will last maximum 7 years! If you ask us, at South Coast Dental Center, we would recommend you to go for porcelain ones. Yes, it is a bit expensive but at least it will be one-time investment. You don’t have to make any other investment for a long span of 10 to 15 years!

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When to use veneers:

We use porcelain teeth veneers santa ana only when the patients need them the most and we won’t recommend it always. Dental veneers are designed to solve not just one but multiple cosmetic dental issues.

  • If you are suffering from worn our enamel, veneer will be your ultimate solution. Tooth enamel will wear out naturally with time, especially if you are addicted to tea, coffee or certain medications. To regain that old look, veneer from our center is a great option.
  • With growing age, teeth start to wear down naturally. Aged teeth are likely to be chipped or cracked. To cover those uneven appearances, veneers can be used for restoring natural appearance.
  • Unfortunately, some people are born with abnormal spacing right between teeth. It widens with age. To cover that up, you are most welcome to come to us and we will solve your issue.
  • Are you suffering from discoloration of your teeth? Does tooth whitening fails to fully correct the condition? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as our porcelain veneers come to the rescue.
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So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let us take complete care of your oral cavity.

Teeth Whitening and Cleaning

Teeth Whitening And Cleaning: Within Best Rates

Too much of tea, coffee and beverages are the sole reason for that yellow colored layer on top of your teeth’s outer enamel. Simple brushing and flossing daily won’t work as you need something extra. Well, our team from South Coast Dental Clinic is here to help you with teeth whitening santa ana services. We offer some of the best whitening solutions, including laser white treatment, customized fitted bleach trays and what not!

We know the importance of whitening teeth moderately for that natural look. If you end up applying too many whitening treatments, that might results in blue-gray color. We don’t want you to be a victim of that. So, we will first go through a basic consultation period to know about your teeth’s present condition before addressing the right result.

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Presenting the best dental cleaning experience:

Even after taking good care of your oral condition, you need us to offer you with professional teeth cleaning santa Ana services. Unfortunately, basic toothbrushes cannot eliminate traces of plaque. So, for removing plague, you need specialized teeth cleaning services at our office.

  • Our skilled dental hygienist will use modern cleaning equipment to ensure that your oral cavity is free from plaque, tartar and even bacteria.
  • Regular dental examination and cleaning from our side can make a huge difference.
  • We are the one to help you maintain a smile. So, if you want to avoid suffering from tooth decay, our services are rather important to gather.

Being a reputed center offering deep tissue teeth cleaning, we have years of experience to cover dentistry practices. For us, it is all about patient’s care and satisfactory level. So, if you are still going through some bad breath and want to remove tartar from your teeth avoid wasting time any longer and give us a call!


Fast, NON-invasive way of increasing the quality of sleep

NightLase is a leading-edge laser procedure for the treatment of snoring. It is a non-invsaive, no appliances, simple and an effective way of reducing or eliminating snoring.

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What causes snoring?

Snoring occurs when air is not able to move freely through your nose and mouth during sleep. This is due to a narrowing of your airway, which cause the itssues to vibrate and make an audible sound. In extreme cases the airway can become blocked which is known as obstructive sleep apnea. Many factors can contribute to snoring such as age, nasal and sinus problems, being overweight, alcohol, smoking, medications, and sleep posture.

How NightLase works

Laser energy is used to heat the tissues of the airway causing a tightening effect which helps to keep your airway open. NightLase is performed with approximately three short treatments spaced over two months. Each treatment lasts 15 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The procedure is comfortable and you can resume your daily routine immediately afterwards. Results are often seen after the first session.

SmartTrack® material

The patented material that helps you get the smile you want, even faster. All clear aligners are not alike. Only Invisalign® clear aligners are made of SmartTrack material, so they are more comfortable and easier to put on and take off.

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What to expect with Invisalign Treatment

Start with a consultation and we will examine your teeth and show you what Invisalign treatment can do for you. We start with a fast, precise digital scan and will map out a custom treatment plan unique to each individual. You'll even get to preview your new smile. Your aligners are then custom made for you in the largest, most advanced mass customization process in the world.

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